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Mining Technician - Underground Mining

Location US-IL-Mine
Posted Date 1 year ago(2/1/2023 3:05 PM)
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The Mining Technician, Underground Mining, performs any one of several different functions in the mine including the operation of continuous miners, roof bolters, coal haulers, scoops, conveyors, pumps, materials handling equipment, Mine examination, staging of supplies, operating and performing preventive maintenance on ventilation equipment, and power distribution equipment. 


Essential Duties and Responsibilities


Essential duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, any one of the following assigned areas.


  • Continuous Miner Operator
    • Continuous miner equipment operations.
    • Preparation of the mine face
    • Routine and preventative maintenance of the continuous mining machine.
  • Coal Haulage
    • Transfer of coal from continuous miner to feeder
    • Assist Continuous Miner Operator with handling and hanging of cable
    • Replace/repair missing or damaged face ventilation curtains
    • Routine and preventative maintenance of ramcar
    • Changing batteries when necessary
    • Other section work as needed
  • Materials Handling
    • Transports supplies and materials to the sections
    • Trash removal from the sections
  • Roof Bolter Operator.
    • Preparation of the mine face
    • Staging of equipment and supplies
    • Installation of roof support
    • Routine and preventative maintenance of Roof Bolting Machine
  • Section Scoop.
    • Dusts all sections
    • Transport supplies that are needed on section
    • Scooping/ removal of loose material from the face
    • Clean the coal feeder as needed
    • Loads roof bolters with full pods
    • Sets empty pods to be reloaded
    • Routine and preventative maintenance of Scoop
    • Assist with any other jobs needed on the section



  • Mine Examiner
    • Responsible for inspecting, monitoring and reporting out on the following areas, conditions and hazards:
      • Ventilation equipment and measuring air flow.
      • Escape way.
      • Rock dusting.
      • Belt lines.
      • Roof and rib condition.
      • Ambient air conditions (absence of gases).
    • Outby/Preshift Inspection Report
    • Takes results of previous shift's documented hazards and corrects those hazards
    • Inspection of all sections
    • Shovel belt lines
    • Use of hand tools to correct hazards
    • Fill out Outby/Preshift Inspection report outlining hazards that need to be fixed for the next shift
    • Wash out breezeway
  • Face Ventilation
    • Responsible for installing and maintaining all ventilation curtains on the section
    • building and sealing stoppings
    • Assist with handling/hanging continuous miner cable
  • Installation, moving and maintenance of ventilation devices.
  • Assisting with belt and power moves
  • Installation and moving of power distribution equipment.
  • Other duties as assigned


Other Duties/Responsibilities


Responsibilities also include a strong applied knowledge of the following:

  • All underground equipment including the ability to diagnose equipment malfunctions.
  • State and Federal underground mining regulations.
  • Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) rules.
  • Reading and understanding Safety Data Sheets (SDS).


Supervisory Responsibilities




Qualification Requirements


To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform the essential duties in assigned area in a satisfactory fashion.  The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for this employment position.  REASONABLE ACCOMMODATIONS MAY BE MADE TO ENABLE INDIVIDUALS WITH DISABILITIES TO PERFORM THE ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS.



  • High School or GED preferred.
  • In addition, all qualified individuals MUST possess one or more of the following in order to be considered for employment at Prairie State:
    • First Class Papers (12 months experience, Certificate of Mine Competency) OR 3 to 6 months/90-180 days of contracting at PSGC and in good standing.
    • Coal Mining Certificate from an accredited college.
    • 2 year Associate's degree in coal mining or related technical field.
    • 4 years or more service and an Honorable discharge from any branch of the military.
  • 3 years underground coal mining experience preferred
  • Must successfully complete applicable pre-employment testing



Must apply for and receive First Class Certificate of Competency (first class papers) within 18 months of employment.


Knowledge of

  • Operating assigned equipment is a safe and effective manner.
  • All state and federal laws and regulations governing the mining of coal.
  • Safety and health hazards associated with the mining of coal.

Skills, abilities and physical requirements

  • Ability to clearly communicate with co-workers, supervisors and others.
  • Ability to read and understand mine plans.
  • Ability to read and understand Safety Data Sheets (SDS).
  • Ability to work any assigned shift, including evenings and weekends.
  • Ability to work overtime as required.
  • Ability to work unsupervised as required.
  • Physical Requirements:
    • Stand for 5 to 10 hours on uneven rocky surfaces
    • Be seated for up to 10 hours to operate equipment or vehicles.
    • Walk for up to four hours at a time in uneven and wet conditions through sections of the mine with varying degrees of clearance and headroom.
    • Lift up to 80 pounds without mechanical assistance.
    • Ability to do overhead work.
    • Work from elevated positions, walk or climb up and down stairways and ladders and climb on and off of equipment and must be able to bend or stoop for a full shift as a result of the mine height.
    • Don and wear required safety equipment including SCSR, respirators, hearing and eye protection, and protective clothing.

Work Environment

The characteristics listed herein describe the work environment the employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this employment position. REASONABLE ACCOMMODATIONS MAY BE MADE TO ENABLE INDIVIDUALS WITH DISABILITIES TO PERFORM THE ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS. While performing the duties of this employment position, the employee:

  • Will work in a dusty or damp, dimly lit, and possibly confined work area.
  • Will encounter noise levels that will necessitate the wearing of hearing protection.


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